On Wed, 2003-09-24 at 14:49, Lukas Smith wrote:
> ok while talking to marcus about sqlite it came up again that some ext
> have different function names for similar things which is really
> unnecessary. Here is a list of some most used (just a guestimate)
> functions. I used the mysql extension as the basis for the most part.
Python has a unified database API for all the databases (DB API 2.0),
but they can actually get away with it because you can use import to
drag a module into the namespace. If I understand correctly, all the php
ext's are all in the same namespace, so a giving all the functions the
same name would be impossible.

I guess you could use _functionname for every function that would
make it a lot clearer. Most people use the
setup-query-walk_through_result-free routine to query the database, so I
don't see a lot of trouble defining a common API. I guess someone should
make a proposition for this...


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