for sale:
mac titanium powerbook, 500Mhz, G4, 512MB ram, 20 GB drive, DVD (not
a RW) all the usual apple stuff (ethernet, firewire, usb, etc)
OS 9 disks, OS 10.2.1 installed

I bought this about 1.5 months ago because I thought I would be
supporting some Mac's for a client. The contract fell through
and I've no need of the laptop no more. I'm not a Mac guy and
I've only turned the thing on maybe 5 times myself. So it is
sold as is.

Everything seemed to work, DVD, ethernet, pcmcia slot etc. It
has a crack by each hinge and the latch for the lid is broken
as well. All done by the previous (and only) owner before I
bought it. Go here to see some pics, some of them massive files:


asking $1200.00 OBO.

contact via 703-222-3217 (posting email is fake). I'm along I-66 in
virginia suburbs west of DC: falls church, vienna, and centreville.


(I'll do my best to answer questions, but I don't know that much about