I'm currently running FreeBSD 4.8 and compiling from the ports tree PHP4
with support for GD 2.x. This is needed to support the function
"imagecopyresampled()" which is only available with GD version 2.01 or
higher. According to the description file for the GD program under ports it
should be version 2.01_3, so I should be ok. Yet when I install the
compiled PHP4 and run the "phpstatus()" on it, it reports the version of GD
as "1.6.2 or higher". More importantly when I run my software against it I
get an error that the "imagecopyresampled()" function cannot be found.

So, anyone have any ideas if the version of PHP4 and GD in the ports tree of
fBSD 4.8 is truly running GD 2.x or am I ed?