I have a file written in the SPARC assembly language, which I can
successfully assemble using the "as" command and produce an object
file. However, the object file that it being produced does not have
any debugging information in it. So when I link that object file into
my program, I cannot debug that assembly code. (I don't need to be
able to do full-fledged debugging, I would just like to know which
lines in that assembly language file are being executed).

My question is: how can I get the assembler to produce the object file
with enough debugging information to do this. A MIPS assembler that I
used before accepts a combination of options "ahls", which allows you
to know the lines that are being executed in the assembly source file
when you debug the program. The SPARC assembler does not appear to
have such options.

Do I need to extend the source file itself with additional information
manually? Is there a manual that tells you how to do this?

Any help would be appreciated.