Hello all,
I am very new to ColdFusion. I want to generate multiple select boxes with sequential names. e.g. selPart1, selPart2.... and so on. Number of fields to be generated is depend on user.
in normal scenario my below query is working properly
<td><cfinput type="text" id="txtIngredient1" size="35" name="txtIngredients1"> </TD>
<cfselect name="selPart1" id="selPart1" query="GetIngredientParts" value="ingredient_parts"></cfselect>
<td align=middle><cfinput type="text" id="txtQTY1" size="4" name="txtQTY1">
but I want to generate above controls in n number of times and with dynamic names to it. How to achieve it? Please help.
Thanks in advance.