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Yes, we tried the new Dreamweaver and find very interesting. [url][/url]...

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    Yes, we tried the new Dreamweaver and find very interesting.

    mgpillai Guest

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    Didn't work for me unfortunately. any sugestions anyone?

    John [url][/url] [url][/url]
    anton1234 Guest

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    It's a pain in the butt I had to contact Adobe support directly and still
    didn't get much help. I planned on using it for my <a
    href="">make money online</a> blog and <a
    href="">Internet marketing</a> forum but eh
    guess I will have to find something else.

    redgsr Guest

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    This is too funny...i guess that no one bothers to look at the posts in these forums anymore. Shame because there's a wealth of good knowledge on Adobe products and systems.
    christian231 Guest

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    [q]Originally posted by: dcavr
    Almost a week after purchasing CS3 Web I am still awaiting the GL2DW extension
    so I can migrate my site to Dreamweaver Even though
    the website says it was supposed to be packaged with the product. (see url)
    [url][/url] Does ANYONE have a CD/DVD
    version of Dreamweaver that has this extension? It is supposedly a folder in
    the Goodies folder on the CD. see .[url][/url]. "You can use a
    free GoLive extension to migrate your sites to
    Dreamweaver You can copy the extension from the
    Goodies folder on the Dreamweaver installation disk (Goodies/Migrating from
    GoLive/GL2DW)." IF anyone has this PLEASE speak up. I am sick of waiting on
    Adobe to deliver something they claimed was part of the package but is not.


    Normally plugins available after its just launch but sometime we have to
    little bit wait for this. Perhaps they more work onto this...

    razitun Guest

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    Layout is an important part of the whole package. Dreamweaver has been an
    important tool to many of us who work in it. Although I design mostly in
    Photoshop now, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this new version.
    [url][/url] | [url][/url]

    sejals Guest

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    you purchased the download version of a qualifying Creative Suite 3 edition ,

    please contact Adobe tech support .

    [url][/url] |
    [url][/url] |

    gaoerty Guest

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    Can you stop with the Spam??? this is getting ridiculous.
    tekmiester Guest

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    Thanks all sorted, worked for me

    [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]
    anton1234 Guest

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    I still don't find dreamweaver very usefull
    Notepad is quite more interesting
    digiklan Guest

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    to me also it worked. thanks for you time.
    macrovision80 Guest

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    I don't know why all of you don't have the extension by now. You can download it directly from the Adobe site. I used Dreamweaver, with the extension and just built [url][/url]
    christian231 Guest

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    Removed by Administrator
    EFizzle Guest
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    HOW CAN I GET THIS EXTENSION????? I paid some serious bucks for the Master
    Collection and I'm in danger of being derailed by the lack of a tiny extension.
    Please help me and send me this asap.


    tameruzun Guest

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    I'm trying to migrate from GoLive to Dreamwaver -- Adobe didn't give us much
    choice -- and it turns out that GL2DW only works with GoLive CS2. Adobe's pitch
    for "upgrading" includes several versions of GoLive, and says that GL2DW will
    make it easy. But once you buy Dreamweaver, you discover that migration is
    impossible. It's a bait-and-switch, and highly unethical on Adobe's part to
    mislead customers in this way. Requests for help from Adobe only gather two
    responses -- (a) We no longer support GoLive and won't answer questions, or (b)
    All the answers you need are in the forums.
    After searching the forums, I found that the workaround for most was to
    download a trial version of GoLive CS2 and use it to migrate via GL2DW. Well,
    now that Adobe has abandoned GoLive and GoLive customers, you can no longer
    download temporary editions of the program ....

    Buzz1941 Guest

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    from where to get this extension
    FSL_DiGi Guest

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    After fighting this for weeks Akshay's environment variable trick fixed it

    The only thing I would add is that when you append, be sure to use a semicolon
    and not a comma (which I originally did).
    Here is the path I used
    ;C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp 7\RoboHTML;C:\Program

    Nice to be able to play now.
    <a href=" " title="forum">forum</a>
    <a href=" " title="alevi forum">alevi forum</a>
    <a href=" " title="alevi">alevi</a>
    <a href=" " title="alevi">alevi</a>

    ankaranakliyat Guest

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    Working. Thank you.
    drubtos Guest

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    few people say, don't work for me. what not work? . i got it with complete package. thanks adobe team.
    adobegator Guest

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    i was also have this problem, but later it fix, when i do download later after some days.
    chsajid11 Guest

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