I am updating a site that consists of shtml files, lots of "libraries",
references internally etc...obviously coding that I don't understand. The
end-user wants to update the site as she has been, using Contribute. I guess
the site was originally designed for her with this in mind. I want to hard code
the site in HTML the way I am used to doing with JavaScript rollovers etc...
nothing fancy but easiest for me to execute...Can I make the site without
..shtml files or using templates in dreamweaver, or using templates at all??? In
other words, designing the whole thing using golive and hard coding the HTML
myself and still allow the user to be able to make updates herself? Do I have
to use dreamweaver? Do I have to have some sort of SSI? how do I find out what
server-side code even exists?
Thank you in advance for any help!