Check out the travel tripod web site:


I got the Velbon Maxi 343E ($70 in the U.S.)
"" and it
supported my EOS-5 with a 100-300 zoom just fine,
however it was too light to use in high winds.

You might also consider the Velbon Chaser EFL-4
with the PH-263 or PH-273 ball head. Not sure if
this is sold in Australia or not. I think that it
is more robust than the Maxi 343E, though heavier.


P.S., your website is great!

M Wells <> wrote in message news:<>. ..
> Hi All,
> Later this year I'm heading OS for an extending backpacking tour of
> North America.
> I'd like to take a tripod along with me but given I'll already be
> carrying a lot of stuff with me, I'd like it to be as light as it can
> be while still being robust enough to cope with the weight of a Canon
> 10D with pro-body and also designed well enough to be deployed and
> collapsed quickly and easily (from my limited tripod experience, I
> find the ones with the s you have to tighten and untighten less
> easy to quickly use)
> Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions? I guess I'd rather not
> pay more than $AU200 to $AU500 for it, but would still like to know if
> something stands out above that price-range...
> Thanks in advance!
> Much warmth,
> Murray
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