Sure, Lingo doesn't do that. The gotoNetPage() function only allows for
two arguments, the URL and the target. Further, you'll probably find
that no language allows for spaces in a URL. Additionally, a slash
charactor is only legal in a URL if it designates a path change. I have
no idea what that slash in your filename is for.

To open a new browser window to a specific size you need to use
Javascript, specifically the Javascript function. In
order for this to work there has to be a browser available that: 1.
understands Javascript, and, 2. has Javascript enabled.

If you are working from a Shockwave movie then you might be able to
call the Javascript function directly from the gotoNetPage() function.
If you are working from a projector then you will have to first open a
browser client and then send the Javascript command to the browser.

There are dozens of examples of how to do this sort of thing in the
archives of this and the .lingo newsgroup.

Rob Dillon
Team Macromedia