Excellent question. I am having the same problem. My computers are
not on a "domain", just a workgroup. They are both dhcp clients being
assigned ip addresses from a dsl router. They are also both set up to
be on the same workgroup. However, if I set up a share on computer A,
and try to grant access to user X from computer B, no good. It won't
let me specify a user like \\B\X.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


"Philip" <philipfairheight_hotmail.com> wrote in message news:<e#JYjdlNDHA.2208TK2MSFTNGP12.phx.gbl>...
> hi,
> i am a win xp pro user and i want to understand the concept of
> domains. so i want to grant access to a user from another win xp
> machine. for this purpose i want to add 'remotemachinename\userx'
> in the properties/security but windows doesn't allow to select
> users from another computer, only from the local computer.
> how can i select other computers in the locations dialog?
> i think i should install something, may be active directory etc.
> if this is not possible i will explain my main purpose.
> please help.
> thanks.