K9660R <k9660raol.comical> wrote:
} I mainly print hi-res grayscale images. I am curious if anyone has had
} any better luck with Epson Photo printers than I have. They are fine
} printers but after about the second refill tank of blank ink, the
} print heads start banding, especially on solid black areas.

Just what do you mean by "refill tank"? Are you using one of those
cartridge refill kits? This could be your problem - try buying a new
cartridge now and then (remember, the apertures in the cartridges are
approximately 1/300th of an inch or smaller - the tiniest fleck of dust
getting into the cartridge during refill could easily clog one or more
of them). If you are experiencing this problem with replacement
cartridges, I would most certainly complain vigorously to Epson (they
would at least owe you for the cost of the defective cartidges, not
counting the time you've lost dealing with the problem).