Does anyone know how to set up this router to work with this modem. Both
the modem maker and Asante claim it will work, but it doesn't. I need
the router (or a hub) to connect my AsanteTalk bridge to my LaserJet.
The ISP (Cloud9) says that I can only connect it to one device, which
they prefer to be my PC. However, the modem/bridge is set up to do PPPoE
(ZipB). I have a single IP address, and a network mask for a single

I followed the modem manufacturer's instructions to the letter for
setting this up but it didn't work. The only thing I'm not clear about
is the following, however. They say to set up the router as a DHCP
Client and I'm not sure if the Asante does that automatically or not.
They say to use Dynamic IP in the router Setup (for which there are
basically no settings). They said to leave DHCP Server enabled in the
router (although the modem acts as a DHCP server AFAIK) and leave NAT

The Mac (OS X 10.2.6) sees the router but the router doesn't seem to see
the public IP address of the modem/bridge. It sees In any case,
I can't connect to anything with this setup.

The ISP says I can connect the modem to a hub (but it won't work with
another PC).

The modem manufacturer says I cannot connect to a hub but have to
connect to an IP sharing router (which the FR1004 is).

I need to get the AsanteTalk bridge working so I have to be able to plug
it into something.

The impression I get from the ISP is that they've set up the modem (and
their router) to work this way and only this way. I understand that most
of the big ISPs do this now.