I've got 2 HDD, the first one as Primay Master (120GB - Windows XP) and
the second as Primary Slave (40GB - Ubuntu 5.10).
After I installed Ubuntu yesterday, everything was fine. But then, there
came a popup with several updates for the ubuntu-packages (about 100mb).
The installation of the updates was successful. Then I installed several
packages for a LAMP (Apache2, PHP5, MySQL). Then I tried to mount a NTFS
partition. Therefore I edited the fstab. But I commented the edited lines

After that, I restarted my system, but GRUB said:

Grub Stage 1.5
Error 16

Error 16 means a inconsistant Filesystem.

Now, I really don't know how to solve this issue. Any ideas?

Martin Weitzel - TriggerTG.de Webdesign