Has anyone seen these two banners anyplace? I've run into both of them on
Yahoo and am desperately seeking a tutorial or any resources on how these
banners are done.

1. They start off as normal (say, 640 or so by 60) traditional banner ads
enticing the user to "roll over for more info".
2. When the user rolls over them, they "drop/expand" more size and become
about 250ish or so pixels high, by adding the additional length from the top
down, somewhat "expanding" themselves, or lengthening like a window shade or
3. In each ad, there's a space where streaming Flash video starts playing,
with basic rudimentary controls (mute, pause, play, stop) in a smaller

The video is small, streams instantly, and doesn't stutter or skip in the
least. It's a relatively smallish window containing the video, but for my
purposes, it'll work perfectly.

Has anyone seen these or knows what I'm talking about? I just saw the "Mad
Mad House" one advertising a new show on scifi network on
[url]http://my.[/url] about 5 minutes ago, and I tried to view source, etc,
but couldn't really make heads or tails, and a "find" for "swf" on the
source came up nil. But it *is* Flash.

How are these being done? Is there a tutorial? Is it messing with Div layers
and dhtml to display the larger, "lengthened" banner containing the meat and
bones of the ad? It *appears* that the "first" banner, the one that appears
first is a jpeg, and when rolled over, displays a swf file containing the
streaming video. Anyone have a clue or can point towards a discussion of
said banner type? It's pretty frickin' sweet and I'd kill to be able to
deliver a couple of those...