I've been setting up a few things in Havok and Lingo recently and have come across a few roadblocks -
1. I can't seem to set the DragProperties of the havok scene, it simply seems to make no effect at all

2. I am trying to orbit one sphere around another (very simple, earth / sun, or moon / earth example), however, I need it to be done using the Havok engine instead of a parent / child relationship because I will be using the physics properties later. I am currently using a linear dashpoint on a point, and applying a force tangential to the dashpoint on another sphere - the problem I have is that it never stops accelerating, and eventually spins off the screen! does anyone know how to fix this? ( a very inefficient hack I'm using right now is checking the velocity on each frame, and if it hits a max, I lower it - VERY INEFFICIENT!)

3. Also, I wanted to know what people's opinions on how realistic the Havok physics engine is in simulating real life - is it made for realism, or as a simple computational physics engine more for basic theory.