Hello All. I'm having some problems with the rotation property of a Havok
rigid body. According to the Havok Xtra Lingo reference, the rotation
property of a rigid body is a Director list containing a vector for the
rotation axis, and a real number for degrees of rotation around that axis.

The only problem is that the degrees of rotation is always between 0 and
180, and never negative, no matter which way the rigid body is turned. This
means it's impossible to tell which way the RB is actually facing.

In fact, when setting up a character controller (almost exactly like the
hkCharacterController for Havok's C++ SDK), my model could only turn between
0 and 180 degrees counter-clockwise (following right-hand rule), and never
any further.

Anyone know how to set the rb's rotation degrees to something outside of
0-180, or otherwise rotate a Havok RB? I'm trying to build a character
controller (and make the camera follow it like a standard 3rd-person
perspective video game), so the character/avatar RB will have to move in
whatever direction it is facing as well. I've seen it done so many ways,
but I can't figure out a way that'll work for me. TIA.