I'm trying to install RH8.0 in a system with 4 IDE devices. Primary master
is 8GB with Win2k NTFS, primary slave is CDROM, secondary master is 4GB
unpartitioned (my intented driver for Linux), and secondary slave is 8GB
with FAT32 data. When booting up from RH8.0 CDROM for the first time, hda
and hdb are detected ok and with correct geometry, but hdc and hdd came back
with "lost interrupt" and it took a few minutes before the boot process

After the GUI comes up and at the disk partitioning step with Disk Druid, it
also took a long time to display the partition table. Continuing on, after
selecting the workstation installation, and starting to install the
packages, it started by formatting the file system and displays a little
progress bar. This formatting process took 6 hours without any visible
progress before I declare it a "hang".

Any idea or help are highly appreciated.