I've struggled in this problem for quite a while. So an EXTRA BIGTHANKS for your help!

I'm converting a VB6 DLL (exposed by SOAP toolkit) to a .net webservice in VB.net. This .net web service is consumed by aclassic ASP application from both the server and client sideusing SOAP. I cannot change how this client is calling the webmethods.

My problem is that after about 15-20 method calls (within 1 min)to the web service, the web service loses all its variables(public variables in friend modules)! It seems like theapplication is restarted and all its states and variables arelost. It is very reproducible (die every time at that position,except first after machine reboot) but it isn't # method calledor time spent, so I guess it may be amount of data transmitted.I checked its memory usage but it's only ~40000KB, so itshouldn't be a problem.

I have tried several methods to save the states:

- Session variable - since I have server side call from ClassicASP, session.sessionID is different everytime. I can't save it.

- Cookieless Session variables - Unable to reach the webservice.

- Application variables - they are lost when my public variablesin my friend modules are lost.

However, the core of my problem is why my .net web servicerestarts so often???? Any idea how to prevent this?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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