I'm finishing development of a large site that was designed in Dreamweaver
using nested templates and has several pages with Lasso code that connects it
to a Filemaker Pro database. The client is planning on using Contribute to
modify the text content (*not* the Lasso code). The templates have been
designed so the Contribute user cannot affect the Lasso code in any way - all
of that code is outside of any editable region.

The problem that we're running into is that when a user edits a page and sends
it to an administrator to be published the image pathnames that are contained
within the Lasso code are getting rewritten to what I think is URL safe
encoding ('%' symbol followed by a hex code). This only happens during the
review process. If an admin opens the page in Contribute and publishes it
without sending it for review the pathnames are not broken. This error happens
even if there are no actual changes made to the page (meaning the user clicks
'edit page' and then submits it for review without making any changes to the

Has anyone run into these sorts of problems before? The client is
understandably frustrated by this and is questioning the use of Contribute.
The only way we have found to fix this problem once it occurs is to open the
file in Dreamweaver and reapply the correct template. Since this affects
approximately 200 files in the site, this is not realistically a viable

One piece of info that might come into play is that the site is hosted on a
Mac server and the Contribute updates are done on Macs, but I developed the
site on a PC. I'm not sure why that would matter, but it's another piece of
information to start with.

Any help that anyone can provide is greatly appreciated!