Okay, so I 've just caught the Flash bug after visiting literally dozens of
sites - here are a couple that exhibit the polishness that I am looking to

- [url]http://www.daviesinteractive.com/index2.html[/url]
- [url]http://www.brand-x-music.com/[/url] (made by 140db.com)

My question is - if I want to create polished sites with the smooth
navigation, the nice level of music, the proper use of sound events on
rollovers, and the crisp graphical movement, as illustrated in the above eg.,
where is a good place to start....sites, books, tutorials, etc.. and by the
way, I am not a programmer, but I do hack a little. Yeah...I've been to most of
the major Flash sites, and have gone thru most of their Forums and tutorials,
but they tend to be vague on the things that I am trying to do.

I already have Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX, Photoshop 7, and I am thinking of
getting Swift 3D. I think I may be armed with enuff tools to start my journey,
the prob is the lack of direction. Any help in getting to my destination would
really be appreciated. Thanks.