We have just taken delivery of 10 laptops which are for a students. The
laptops are XP Pro, what we want to do is use a policy of some kind to lock
the laptop down for the user, i.e so they have no access to control panel or
the C: drive etc. We already have this in place on our 2000 server and it
work well. We want to have something similar on the laptop but the laptop
will not be connected to the server and will be taken home by students to do
course work as and when they need to.

I have tried gpedit.msc but this takes the control panel out for the
administrator as well. What we want is for the user to log on and get the
restrictions and when the administrator logs on he gets everything. Because
the laptops are going to be used by a large number of different people we
are only going to create one single user account on the machine that all
users will use to log on. ie. (6user1)

Can anyone advise on what I need to do.