Fred Hebert <> wrote:
>I am trying to help a friend who has a SCO Unix server. We are trying to
>connect to it through a VPN from a remote site. The VPN is OK because I
>can connect to other boxes on his network, but the SCO box is like a black
>hole if you are not on the same subnet.
Any box is a black hole if it's not on the same subnet.
>The subnet on the SCO box is and on the remote site it is
>Several years ago I worked at a place that had some SCO UnixWare servers
>and it seemed that we had to create a /rhost table or something, but my
>memory is very fuzzy.
Your VPN device must have an address in the 192.168.0 range. The SCO box needs
a route that points 192.168.1 packets to that.

Your subnet mask on SCO must be also.

Those "other machines" that are OK have a route to something on 192.168.0.

These .0 addresses do make things more confusing on trhe human side of things.
It's a lot easier to thing of 192.168.2.x packets than 192.168.0.x : the 0.x
tends to be seen as a mask.

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