I have done many doents over the years containing equations, and
have evolved various methods of dealing with them.

I normally get my raw material in MS Word format, the equations created
either in the MS equation editor, or in MathType.

Usually I have to deal with only a few to a dozen or so equations. I
know they do not import well into page layout software, so my method
has been to copy them to an Illustrator file, then copy and paste them
from there into InDesign, which retains their vector-ness.

I basically have to de-construct the Word file, then put it together
again in page layout software. I'd love to know if there is a better
way of doing this (sorry, I know this should all be done in something
like TeX or Framemaker, but I have no control over the originators).

I'm about to take on a high school math book which will contain
thousands of equations, as well as geometric diagrams created using MS
Draw. I know that MathType can do a batch export of equations in EPS
and other formats, which seems like the way to do it. Right now I don't
own MathType, but will buy it if this project warrants the expense.

Any other ideas on handling these equations would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance . . .

Paul Harris
Word Works Typographic