I've written some kindergarden javascript for a site to do a really simple
booking form. It uses session cookies and it works OK BUT in mozilla (1.3)
theres a few weirdnesses. There are 2 buttons for each course (10 courses
to a page). you click the 1st and it writes a cookie, click another and it
writes another. Clicking the 2nd button also re-directs to the booking form.

I had attached the action to a mouseup on a href to the booking form page,
but in mozilla and netscape it would execute the javascipt and then always
go to the booking form (not what I wanted). So currently theres just a "#"
as the link. But Mozilla 1.3 takes 3 clicks on the 2nd choice before it
will go to the booking form.

the script uses this
location.href = "booking-form.html";
to get to the booking form. Is it possible thats the problem??

page is here... [url][/url]

the top course has the new link, the others have the old.

I've taught myself this stuff so I may be doing something horrible. Please
let me know!