I have a Proxim SkyLINE 802.11b PCI card in a 7500 running OS 9.2.2.
Just got an SBC/Yahoo! DSL connection, using a 2WIRE 1000 Wireless DSL
modem/router. It is connected to another 7500 with OS 9.2.2.

The 2WIRE Setup wizard got the 2nd 7500 setup just fine, and it can get
on the Internet, and sees the first 7500 with the SkyLINE on the home
network. The SkyLINE 7500 recognizes the 2WIRE wireless signal just fine
and is getting a decent signal (75%). When I run the 2WIRE setup wizard,
it goes through the process, then fails at the end, and the SkyLINE
can't get online.

When I look at the TCP/IP CP, it is set to connect through the SkyLINE
using DHCP Server,. The 2WIRE docs say it should have a certain IP
address, but the IP address it gets is not correct for the 2WIRE. When I
try to set it manually, it doesn't work, even though the 2nd 7500 sees
the SkyLINE 7500's IP address.

2WIRE blames Apple, Apple blames Proxim, and Proxim doesn't support Macs
anymore. Can anyone suggest a way to get the SkyLINE to get a proper IP
address, or get the 2WIRE Setup Wizard to set it up correctly?


Chicago, IL
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