J & W Ray in OSX Unleased second edition state that OSX will allow
initializing disks in other file systems then UFS and HFS+. It does not go
on to say how to do this. I would like to add HFS support on a 1 gig
partition currently in use on my 14 gig HD. I have the partition currently
as HFS+. I am willing to erase, reformat and restore OSX on the whole
drive, if I have to, but would prefer to just reformat the 1 gig partition

The problem is I can't ftp the HFS+ files from my OSX box to my PB180. I can
connect and mount in Fetch 3.0.3 (not AppleShare) using a Dayna Pocket
SCSI/10bT and 7.5.3 rev2 on a pb180 12/160.

Other then using ditto when remotely connected no other work arounds seem

What can I do to be able to preserve the resource fork on the OSX (HFS+) to
OS7.5.3r2 (HFS) systems. And why doesn't AppleShare stay connected?