hi, i'm working on a function that highlights search results. problem:
a search input like "te est"; two terms that match one word ("test").
the mysql query matches entries like this but my function isn't able to
highlight them the right way:

function highlight($src_terms, $src_terms_int, $result) {
$i = 0;
while ($i < $src_terms_int) {
$result = preg_replace('/('.$src_terms[$i].')/si',
'<b>'.$src_terms[$i].'</b>', $result);
return $result;

$search = "te est"; // user input to search for
$src_terms = explode(" ", $search);
$src_terms_int = count($src_terms);

$result = "this is just a test"; // result from database

print highlight($src_terms, $src_terms_int, $result);

output: this is just a <b>te</b>st
(after the first term is highlighted the second one can't be found

someone has an idea how to work around this?

thanks for your effort!

ps: please also let me know if you know of a website that might help, i
didn't find anything useful. thanks!