Using ID-CS for Win 2000. Just finished a 16-page booklet. It uses just a couple of fonts - mostly plain old Goudy Old Style. In my final run through of the book, I saw a problem with one text block. When I went to change the text (re-type a word) all that came out was a horrible blocky-looking blob of type.

To make the long story short, I had to open a new doent, type the text - which looked fine in the new doent - and copy it into the original doent. Fortunately, this worked.

I've tried everything I know, and here's the summary so far:

I re-started the file, the program, then the computer.

I have done a Save As.

This phenomenon happens ONLY in the one file. New files/other files are fine.

It makes no difference what font I select, they all look awful.

It makes no difference where I type - pasteboard, etc. - it all looks bad.

So I conclude that something in the file is corrupting any typing of new text. After I made the work-around fix above, everything else looks fine.


Thank you.

David Woolf