I have 2 applications I designed and launched in VS.NET 2002. Later on, I
converted them to VS.NET 2003 applications. I also installed .NET v1.1 on
the server that hosts these applications. And everything works pretty good.

Now, I started a new application -- using VS.NET 2003 and my
RequiredFieldValidators are not firing up. When I check to see what version
of .NET my apps are using, I see that they're all using v1.0 although in the
Home Directory / Configure Application tab, everything is pointing to .NET
v.1.1 folder.

How can I tell my application to use the new version of .NET framework? Is
the IIS -- Home Directory-> Application -> Configure the only place to do

This has been going on for a while and I can't seem to get to the bottom of
the problem and it's now becoming a huge problem. I'd really appreciate some
help here.