I've built a two-layered menu system using Dreamweaver. That is, a top-level menu which, when hovered over shows sub menu items - much like the menu at the top of this page.

When a user clicks on an item in the submenu, I would like the new page to load the same menu system with the top-level and child menu shown. So, in the case of this page, when you hover over Product and Products Home, I would like both levels of menus to appear on the next page - not just the top level as it currently behaves.

I can use MM_showMenu() to show either the top-level or child menu, but when I call this function twice I only end up showing the last menu 'shown'.

I notice that the 4th argument of the MM_showMenu() function is child, but can not find any doentation on what to pass. Does anyone know that that argument is expecting or any other way to accomplish this menu behavior?

Geoff Schmidt