Hi Don,

The quality of prints from Ofoto (A Kodak Company) are superb, and they will
last as long as any print you get from film. The printed on silver based
paper and are of the highest quality. Give them a try. Just a note for
your experiment. If you visit that Kodak website, and join kodak.com you
are referred to the Ofoto site that will give you a significant discount.
No obligation and no cost to join.

Talk to you soon,

Ron Baird

"Don Nod" <nono.no> wrote in message
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> Ther's a lot of talk recently about how long photos prints will last using
> Epson and Cannon photo printers. I keep reading that except for the 2200
> with archival paper and inks, other home pritned photos may fade within a
> decade or less. But what about the nice digital prints I get back from
> Ophoto or Mystic Color Labs? I assume these come off an industrial laser
> ink-jet type machine. Will these have the same fate?