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> What hardware do I need to wireless connect to the interent with
> Earthlink Cable?
Well, assuming your cable connection is like mine and you simply
connect your computer to the cable modem via Ethernet, you're pretty
much home free. Connect the AirPort base station to the cable modem by
Ethernet, then use your AirPort-capable computer's AirPort Setup
Assistant to configure the base station. It's quite easy, I just did
it myself yesterday! The only problem I had was that I had to restart
my cable modem after hooking a different machine up to it. Dunno why,
but I also got a new laptop, and I had to restart the modem when I
unplugged my old machine and connected the new laptop to the modem, and
I had to do it again when I unplugged the new laptop and plugged the
base station into it. (Restarting consisted of simply pulling the
power plug and then plugging it back in.)

Note that you can also run an Ethernet wire from the AirPort base
station to a machine that is not AirPort-capable. No router needed,
unless you want to connect more than one machine by Ethernet wires.
(This was great for copying data from my old machine to the new


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