Hi all,
I have a director movie file including a 0.7M W3D file, about 40 scripts
member, some labels, buttons, input fields etc, no sound. The size of .dir
is about 11M, and the .dcr file is about 2.8M. I am using MX on WinXP.

My question are:
.. Why is the .dir file so big?

The strange thing is at beginning my .dir is 10M which include
a 1.7M W3D file.
When i decrease the w3d to 0.7 and import it to director to replace
the old w3d file, .dir file didn't shrink as expected to 9M,
instead it went up to 11M. The .dcr file went down though...

.. Is there a good way to decrease .dcr file? How does the exporter work?
Does it compress the w3d file as well? Or, in the 2.8M dcr file
the w3d takes 0.7M and all the others take 2.1M ???

I tried to delete all unused castmember, scripts, sprites etc.
And I spent some time on opetimize my code such as using dynamic
variables etc. I also tried different compress qualities.
But they all doesn't help too much.