Deal all
I have a problem like the following :
I have a server power system 720 with 8 hard disk internal and two sas controller, I configure raid 5 for 8 disks , but now I want to delete this disk array and create
1- array on sas controller zero " mirroring with two disks"
2- array on sas controller 1 " raid 5 on 6 disks"

when I try to go diagnostics cd and boot on it then I try to delete the sas array it said that the array is busy and so I can not delete it so I want to know how?

I have scenario but never tried on aix 6.1 before, I want to delete two hard disks from the array and install aix on them then remove the other array or just create a volume group on it and so all data on it will lost, or this will need to rebuild the data first.