In Unixware 7.X, the net driver name is /dev/netX (just use the
ifconfig -a to see). Then we could use the ioctl and MACIOC_GETADDR to get
the address.

#define LAN_DEV0 "/dev/net0"
if ((dev_fd = open(net_buf, O_RDONLY)) != -1) {
si.ic_cmd = MACIOC_GETADDR;
si.ic_len = sizeof(dce_802_addr_t);
si.ic_timout = -1;
si.ic_dp = (char *)addr;

ret = ioctl(dev_fd, I_STR, (char *)&si);
if (ret == -1) {

But in the Unixware 2.x, the net driver name is more like the driver name
( sample : TCM5X90 , using the ifconfig -a could see).
So in this situation , how could we get the mac address ????