In Queary yzer, paste the following:
SELECT 'TRUNCATE TABLE ' + [name] + char(13) +char(10)
FROM sysobjects WHERE xtype='U'

run this with the output as text (or to a file). this is
your script to delete all of the data from the tables.

Then create a DTS package that imports all of your Access
tables; Hint - you can do this in Enterprise Manager, from
the context menu of the database 'All Tasks/Import Data',
this DTS wizard will allow you to import all tables from
Access and in the last step you can save the package that
the wizard is creating.

Then if you really wnat to get fancy create another DTS
package that runs the TRUNCATE script and on success runs
the saved DTS package that imports your data

>-----Original Message-----
>I have a SQL Server database created to replace an Access
97 database as a
>For testing I want to create a SQL Server test database
from a specific copy
>of the existing Access database
>The test database will be used to test a new front-end
for the SQL database.
>Each test cycle the SQL test database will need to be
recreated since
>testing will change the data!
>What is the easiest method of creating the test SQL
database ?
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