Hi, I've spent all day trying to find some info on this...please help!

I have an aspx page with an xmlDoent (not dataset/relational db)
with step-by-step instructions for manufacturing...

I need to use clientside script to edit the xmlDoc with user input
(edit nodes) here and there...such as capture a measurement,
start/stop times, etc.

HOW DO I DO THIS? How do I get the clientside script to post/interact
with the other elements of the aspx page? (eg, using another xmldoc to
capture some of the data). Postback shouldn't be a problem, because
the script should also save the xmldoc as a string to a db record,
then reload that string. OR do I somehow pass the info to another page
to process???

Sorry, this still eludes me!

GETTING DESPARATE...last piece of a puzzle for me.

Thanks. Kathy