Hi my name is Jaco and I am a multimedia designer who uses Macromedia Director and Flash to create multimedia presentations. I have a request from a client to put an electronic version of a 40 page A5 printed booklet, that we designed with Macromedia Freehand MX, on CD with hyperlinks on the index page to relevant chapters.

He also wants us to put a "print page" plus a "print chapter" icon on every page so people do not have to use the menubar to print. (PDF must open full screen with no menubars). I can make the multipage PDF doent and let it open full screen, but don't know how to add the attions to the print icons.

Can someone please help? I know you can add Javascript actions to PDF but don't know how. Are there tutorials on the web that you know of showing how to add interactivity to PDF doents?

Thank you