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>>"Willy Roche" <willy.rochehp.com> skrev i meddelandet
>>| I have never noticed this before, but it seams that
>>| Windows XP "search text in file" feature is working only
>>| with txt file.
>>| Try this:
>>| Write "<html><body>hello world</body></html>" in
>an .html
>>| file (with any html editor). Now use Windows XP "search"
>>| functionnalty and try to find files containing the
>>| word "world" ==> nothing.
>>| Now rename the .html to .txt, do the search again ==>
>>| Whoo! Now WinXP finds the file!
>>| This use to work properly with all previous Windows (9x,
>>| NT, 2k). Is there any way to make WinXP find all files
>>| containing a word/sentence without any extension
>>| limitation?
>>You must do something wrong, I found 1015 html files that
>had the word
>>"world" in it. (From CIA Worldbook)
>Same problem to me. On all XP machines in my company.
>Anyone got a solution?
See MVP Doug Knox' comments and fix here:

Or use a third party search tool such as Agent Ransack:

Sharon F
MS MVP [Shell/User]