Hi all

I have a search form, master page and details page at
([url]www.webxcel.net/searchfrm.php[/url] [url]www.webxcel.net/master.php[/url] and
[url]www.webxcel.net/details.php[/url] ).

The user will select a category from a drop down list on the search form and
when sending the form the master page should load with ONLY that category
listed. For example if a user selects Golf only golf records will be shown.
However, no matter what is selected ALL records are shown. This is without
a WHERE cause which is obviously needed

With the WHERE clause the select statement, at line 17 is: SELECT * FROM
prints WHERE prints.Sport LIKE %s ", $varsport_rs_search); With the WHERE
clause added I get a completely blank page!

Can anyone help please?