I'm having a problem with swf song auto loading .... how do I stop it ... ??
I think I've tries all the usual things ... and tried to manipulate the code,
but so far no sucess ...

The player control is on my web site, and the swf song is stored on a server

Please take a look at my web site ---I've put temp. control at top of site at
[url]http://www.adamgill.com[/url] for people to see what I mean

You can download the fla file that links to remote song at
[url]http://www.adamgill.com/audio_player_chordsense.zip[/url] .... appreciate if anyone
can help! In test control, you can see the song auto loads with out pressing
any button!

I'm using Flash MX 04

Thanks & regards,

Adam Gill

[email]madallig[/email] :confused;