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db2untag - Release Container Tag Command
Removes the DB2 tag on a table space container. The tag is used to
prevent DB2 from reusing a container in more than one table space.
Displays information about the container tag, identifying the database
with which the container is associated. Useful when it is necessary to
release a container last used by a database that has since been deleted.
If the tag is left behind, DB2 is prevented from using the resource in

Attention: This tool should only be used by informed system administrators.


The user needs read/write access to the container for a table space that
is owned by the ID that created the database.

Required connection


Command syntax

Command parameters

-f filename
Specifies the fully qualified name of the table space container from
which the DB2 tag is to be removed.
Usage notes

An SQLCODE -294 (Container in Use error) is sometimes returned from
create database or from create or alter table space operations, usually
indicating a specification error on the operating system resource name
when the container is already in use by another table space. A container
can be used by only one table space at a time.

A system or database administrator who finds that the database which
last used the container has been deleted, can use the db2untag tool if
the container's tag was not removed. If the container is to be released,
do one of the following:

For SMS containers, remove the directory and its contents using the
appropriate delete commands.
For DMS raw containers, either delete the file or device, or let
db2untag remove the container tag. The tool will leave such a DMS
container otherwise unmodified.

xixi wrote:
> hello, i have a DMS container(userspace1) assigned on volume E.
> (windows 2003). how to issue the untag command for the container?
> please help