Hello, I have one html file and a flash file. In html file, it is functioning like choosing a Tshirt to design, then how to load that Tshirt picture chosen by the user to the flash file for further modification. Thanks a lot for everyone who has some idea. Wait for your reply!

<html><head><SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">


image1= new Image();

image1.src = "image1.gif";

image2= new Image();

image2.src = "image2.gif";

image3= new Image();

image3.src = "image3.gif";

function imgchange(){

var imageNum = doent.form.selImage.selectedIndex + 1;

fname = eval("image" + imageNum + ".src")

doent.img.src = fname





<FORM name="form">

<SELECT NAME="selImage" onchange="imgchange()" size=1>

<OPTION>Image 1

<OPTION>Image 2

<OPTION>Image 3



<IMG SRC="image1.gif" NAME="img">

<a href="flashpage.swf"><img src="continue.gif"></a>