Hi all,

I'm trying to write data to a file residing on a remote node.
Below is the code snippet which I got to do this.
use File::Remote;
my $remote = new File::Remote;

$remote->open(FILE, ">>host:/remote/file") or die $!;
print FILE "Here's a line that's added.\n";

Problem is File/Remote.pm is not present. Hence I see the following error message.

Can't locate File/Remote.pm in INC

I can't install this module as my piece of code will be required to run on lot of test servers , which are almost the same configuration as that of the machine I'm currently running on. So I will hit the same error else where.

One more constraint is I can't use ssh/rsh or any such commands as I have some child handler functions in my code. Command execution using any of the methods backticks, fork, system will cause the SIGCHLD which I dont want to happen.

Kindly guide me on this ASAP.