I'm working on a 3D sim project and am considering moving it to
Shockwave with Havok physics. In this sim, the user is aboard the space
shuttle and has to use a multi-jointed, articulating arm to grab a
satelite in zero gravity. I already have Director 10.1 and 3DS Max 8.
I have some experience with using Director for 2D work, but none for 3D.
I have very basic coding skills, mostly with scripting languages like
Javascript, Lingo, and Python. I'm considering using Director for this
because I'd like to be able to deliver over the internet.

My questions are these:

1. Can Director do this?
2. How difficult will this project be, given my prior skills?
3. I've read that HKE export support ended with Max 5. Would it be
worth my time (and money) to locate and buy an older copy of Max just
for this project? Or is coding Havok behaviors fairly easy.

Thanks very much for your help.