I've spent all day trying to print an AI file from Illustrator 9 to my HP Deskjet 1220cxi. (A "raw" Illustrator file, not an EPS.) I'm using the manual feed (for 65-lb. stock). Once the file's spooled, it takes 5-10 minutes for the HP to start printing, prints a while, then stops. The power light (on the far right) is blinking, implying that the printer's processing the file. This goes on three more times before the printer's response button (the middle one) starts blinking. When I press that, the sheet comes out only partially printed. I've tried other files and even just squares on another new doent and it's the same thing: a partially printed file that I can't use. When I stop the print queue and delete the file from the queue, the printer spits out a page with a line of code, then a series of blank pages before I turn off the computer.

The thing is, I printed the exact same file last year without a hitch. I have a PowerMac G3 (beige), the printer's USB connected, only Illustrator is running, and I'm using one additional font besides the basic set. (I've closed out any others.) I'm using OS 9.2.2, and I have 385 MB virtual memory (with a 384 MB drive). The only difference is that this year I have a new print driver installed for my DeskJet 1220cxi (version 5.4).

I've spent all afternoon (and some money) with HP support and they couldn't find a solution. They think it's an Illustrator issue, especially since I can print from Photoshop without any trouble.

I'm kind of "under the gun" and trying to meet a deadline. Has anyone else had this kind of print issue with Illustrator?