I have created a frame in director with two buttons and two text doents.
When you click one button, you see a text doent, when you click the other button, you see the other text doent. I have used this cod to do this...


on mouseup me
sprite(15).visible = true
sprite(16).visible = false

Button 2

on mouseup me
sprite(15).visible = false
sprite(16).visible = true

Also, for each text box is an identical script

on hyperlinkClicked me, data, range
gotoNetPage(data, "_blank")

There are multiple links in each text doent to web pages.
However, one has working links while the other shows links but i cannot click on them (the rollover hand doesn't show either).
I have tried using seperate cast member scripst, seperate behaviors and an identical behavior, but the links in the one box just won't work.
The links are defined in the text inspector and "Use Hypertext Styles" is selected in the property inspector for both.
I am stumped. Any help would be great!