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> I know that it is a whole new operating system to me and everything is
> going to seem foreign, but it is just not working for me.
> I have to use the "NTLM Authentication proxy server 0.9.8" to connect
> to the internet at work because I use Mozilla and Netscape on a
> microsoft network. I can get my mail and I can get to the internet
> with my linux laptop, and with my wins 2000 machine easy enough,
> but with my Ultra 10 running solaris 9 it has become a bear - and that
> bear is eating me as we speak.
> I have read other threads pertaining to connecting to networks with
> solaris. I guess I don't speak the same language that they use in
> those threads - or for that matter in the books that I have read on
> solaris.
> Every client machine on our network is configured for DHCP. I am
> pretty sure that I selected the DHCP option when I installed Solaris 9
> (SunOS 5.9), but for the sake of argument lets just say that I didn't
> know what I was doing when I installed the OS. How do I get solaris
> to work with DHCP? How do you normally set up a direct connection to
> the internet? The default browser is Nescape Communicator 4.78.
> After I get the direct connection down I'll worry about my NTLM proxy
> server, but just for the record I do have the "NTLM APS 0.9.8 proxy
> server" up and running on my Ultra 10 with python 2.2 - and I do not
> think that the APS is the problem.
> Please help me ditch windows.
See [url]http://www.rite-group.com/consulting/solaris_dhcp.html[/url] for a good
how-to on setting up a Sun box to use DHCP.