This one is driving me nuts. It is NOT a problem confined to Entourage
OR MT-Newswatcher, both share this behavior. I cannot log onto the
server used by my ISP for general Usenet.

I have Entourage and MT Newsreader both configured correctly to
receive the
news via my ISP's news server, which for now is via a dialup (PPP)
connection. This means that the password, username and critical
options are entered correctly(specifically, I must log in via

When I try to download the list of groups or get server info or do
anything that involves interaction with my ISP's news server, it just
sits there, saying "Connecting to Server" until it gives up and says
that a connection failure occurred.

This occurs on OS X.2.6, it does not occur on OS 9.2. The exact same
configuration is used on 9.2 so I know that my config is correctly set
OS X as well. This also says that the ISP usenet server is responding

I previously have not had a firewall active but I just activated the
Mac's internal firewall and activated the news port 119, but no joy. I
erected the firewall last night because I thought that in doing so it
may toggle my OS X Mac into speaking Usenet, but it didn't work.
Something is keeping
my Mac from speaking Usenet properly.



Bob Vandiver