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Oh darn ! Byron, thanks for reminding me ! I didn't even think of that. OK, back to the drawing board ! I ed up. My excitement was short lived ;)...

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    Oh darn ! Byron, thanks for reminding me ! I didn't even think of that. OK, back to the drawing board ! I ed up. My excitement was short lived ;)
    Jodi Frye Guest

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    OK People, sorry but the link wont be working at some point t'il I straighten this out. I wish I would have thought of that ! Byron, Thanks for pointing it out :)
    Jodi Frye Guest

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    Very nicely done! And I see you got that home page link in there too!
    All-righty now!


    Pete D Guest

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    Looks to me like you'll soon have to re-print your business cards to include


    Byron Gale Guest

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    Byron, no way...I totally cheated !

    Special thanks to;

    Webmonkey: Reference:HTML Cheatsheet
    HTML for the complete idiot ( includes a free starter web page)
    PhotoThumb software

    Last but way not least ;
    Jodi Frye Guest

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    Nicely done Jodi. Thanks for sharing.

    Richard Coencas Guest

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    > I have to share my excitement ! I got my homepage done...YAY !
    > Yes, I still have to get it in the search engines which i don't know how
    to do yet. Also, it probably looks pathetic to all you pro wep page creators
    but i'm proud of myself regardless. I hope I can make it a heck of alot
    better with time. :)


    Next step is... your own domain. You can get [url][/url] or something
    for about $10 a year. You may want to get it prior to the search engines



    Jorge Alvarez Guest

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    If that's "cheating", then each and every one of us who use a PSE skill
    learned from someone else is cheating. We're all cheating when we read and
    post to this forum... cheating when we read a book about PSE.

    Of course, we're not cheating. We're doing one of the most advanced things
    of which humans are capable - shared learning.

    Take credit for selecting the right resources (Grant, books, web sites...)
    and being able to successfully use them! You are officially awarded two
    pats on the back!!


    Byron Gale Guest

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    Very nice! I really like it!!


    Juergen D Guest

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    Byron, thank you for the vote of confidence ( and the pats) ! I am back on track now...the right galleries are now showing...yay

    Juergen, thank you doll. You're a sweetheart as always.
    Jodi Frye Guest

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    As a 'lurker' in this forum/ng gaining loads of useful tips I just had
    to visit your site. Don't know if its me but.....

    All loads OK but I noticed on the Sample Illustration Gallery that
    when I first go into this Gallery it puts up numbers 1,2 & 3 just
    above the pictures for the pages in the gallery, but if I move to the
    2nd or 3rd page, the number 4 appears, and yes there are 4 pages. All
    4 page numbers stay then (and work as links) as I move backwards and
    forwards amongst them, but if I return to the Homepage and go back
    again its back to 1,2,3 until I move on a page. Thought you might
    want to know.

    Far better than I could ever do, and thats just the web pages, as for
    the images - superb as always.


    PS. See you also got the Homepage links on, and they work!!

    Rod Stormes Guest

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    Jodi, I envy you for your creativity! Great background colour!
    Just only one thing to improve: the blue text leading to your images is rather hard to read. (although I know I need a new monitor-and I will have my new LaCie soon!)

    I hope your website will bring in as many customers as mine does. It is a pretty powerful marketing tool. Over 30% of my turnover is website related these days.

    Leen Koper Guest

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    Jodi, great stuff! The future is bright!!



    Chuck Snyder Guest

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    Hi, Jodi. For the search engines, you can submit to Just go to the page and click "add url." You need to add metatags to your pages, too. Your reference books should explain how to do that.

    Google is a little different. The best way to get a high rating on google is to link to sites with high ratings and have them link to you, if you can.
    Barbara Brundage Guest

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    Terry, thanks...sweet !

    Barb, thank you as well. I have no all info from web but yes I think the HTML for idiots site discusses this...thanks !
    Jodi Frye Guest

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    I've always known you were a talented artist from your Challenge images but those were just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks for sharing your site with us so we could see even more of you wonderful work.

    Chris Rankin Guest

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    Congratulations on your new site Jodi. Now you can show your creative talent all in one place.
    Mark Reibman Guest

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    Chris, Mark, THANK YOU !

    Leen, I made the links brighter, hope you all can see them better.

    H ~ how
    T ~ to
    M ~ make
    L ~ love

    oops, I meant,... 'How to' mind loss ( i know, first one was better )...that's the way i feel today after getting that site up !
    Plenty of fixing and fixing again and it's still no where near where it should be. I want to change the background of the home page to a texture but not sure how....soooo, still have alot to learn ! Well, i'm alot further than I was a month ago with this HTML business so that's good. TV time...goodnight
    Jodi Frye Guest

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    I just discovered your website and had a blast looking around. Way ta' go girl!! What an accomplishment...I'm so proud of you and happy for you. May all your dreams be realized.

    Your friend,
    Nancy S Guest

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    Mac, Thanks but I'm so far from understanding this stuff. I'm taking it one small step at a time. I did it yesterday afternoon and really have no prior HTML experience. I basically 'winged' it for temporary purposes. I intend on getting my act together and putting up a 'real' homepage but much to learn first. Thanks for all your help. Will work on it as you suggested.

    Nancy, thank you so much for the kind words...need it ;)
    Jodi Frye Guest

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